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New Challenge for the New Year

Announcing the "Five Things That Never Happened" Challenge at The NickZone If you're not a member that's easily rectified, or if you'd like to participate anyway, email me at ssteiner @ sbcglobal .net (remove the spaces)or reply to this post.

Choose a character
500 word minimum
Due Jan 24th

Any genre, slash, gen or het, and characterizations based on previous
stories. (If you're choosing someone else's story to work with, please
check with them first!)

If you think you've got an idea for a graphics set, they're welcome too!

The list so far!

Ethan McKaye - Whistler CJ
Tom Foss - Kyle XY
Inspector Vincent Durano - Chaos
Monty - Category 7: The End of the World
Patrick Carlson/Jeff Watkins - Deadly Isolation
Vincent Canello - Judging Amy
Chris Besich - CSI
Herbert - Moving Malcolm
Tri-Lorn - Andromeda
Frank Colahan - NYPD Blue Amazon-X
Jerome (Geronimo) Horne - Threshold
The Robber - A Shot in the Face
Les Forsythe - The Investigation
Peter Scanlon -Ignition
Steven Harris -The Impossible Elephant
Alex Krycek - The X-Files Candace
Maximillian -Earth Angels
Matthew -Lunch With Charles
Vertical Limit - Tom McLaren candygramme
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye - Dustin Yarma
Once a Thief- Victor Mansfield
David Lake - The Raffle
Enrico (Ricky) Caruso -The Commish
Cory Raines - 'Money no Object'- The Highlander Samtyr
Rodney Lange - 'The Fighter'- The Highlander Demi-X
Ryan Simms - Sliders 'Luck of the Draw/Into the Mystic'
Mack Stringer - Taking the Falls 'Easy Money'
Tom Andrews - Lonesome Dove 'Lover's Leap'
Jeffrey Leggett - ENG 'The Cutting Edge'
Lloyd Hillard - North of 60 'Out of the Blue'
Philip Pagit - The Burning Zone 'Hall of the Serpent'
Anson Greene - Moloney 'Damage Control' Lorelei
Tony Edwards/Mac Smith - Jake and the Kid 'Grand Plans'
Mac-27 - 'In Our Own Image' - The Outer Limits
Jacob Hardy - 'The Inheritors'- The Outer Limits
Lt. Baines - Xtro 2
Roy - Their Second Chance dossier
Michael - Gender Bender - Season 1 of the X-Files Candace
Brett Halsey - The Hat Squad 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous'
Faber - Robins's Hoods
Jack - Madison
Jake - Bad Company
Ray Turner - The Marshall
Ron - American Boyfriends
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