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Brand new Nick Lea fanlisting site!

Hi all -

For those not already aware of it, I opened the all new Nicholas Lea fanlisting last week. http://nickfan.inxplicable.org/ If you're not sure what a fanlisting is, there's some info on that right on the homepage. Any and all Nick fans are welcome to add their name to the list - you don't need a website to be able to join.

If you were a member of the previous Nick fanlisting owned by Elena, you should have received an email announcing the new location. Elena was kind enough to provide me the old member list. I did get a ton of those announcements back indicating the email addresses were no longer valid though, so if you were a member and didn't get an email, that's probably why. You can update your information yourself if you still have access to the email address you're listed under on the site. Otherwise just send me an email and I'll be happy to help you out with it.

There are also some extras in the "Nick" section of the site:
  • A page full of Live Journal icons thanks to [info]drkcherry . I'm willing to host Nick icons for others who wants to submit them too. You'll definitely be credited for them.
  • A section of links to Nick websites that I intend to keep as current as possible. Please please suggest sites to be added to this list! Just one thing to keep in mind - since the fanlisting is for Nick as an actor, I'm only going to link to sites that include some content about him as an actor, so no fanfic-only sites, please.
  • There's also a short biography and filmography for Nick.

I'd love to hear what people think of the site and I'm always open to suggestions for additions and changes. And please forward this message to anyone else that you think might be interested. :-)

Six Feet Off The Ground - The Nicholas Lea Fanlisting

JenR, fanlisting owner
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